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Posted by sky777 casino ( on 07:01:14 15/09/19

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Ask a regarding nurses how much marketing they are doing for their organhization and the answer
will probably perceived as resounding zero!
I posed this question tto a nurse whoo worked a great operating room sinhgle time and waas quickly told thawt she was a
nurse, she wasn't used to sell people anything.

So what's the take away message? Asking Tom, I'm reminded amojg the
poem by Dylan Thomas who said: "Do Not Go Gentle into That good Night." Locate appropriate below.
The bottom line: Staying afrai often keeps us from truly living.

Use the "positivity sandwich". When you do have a need to correct someone, express disappointment,
or give feedback, use the "positivity sandwich". Thiis is a term coine by Dale Carnegie



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